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The mission of LEAF Behavior Support, LLC (LEAF) is to empower the community by displaying our values of inclusion, education and preserving today’s families. We accomplish this with family therapeutic coaching, support, consultation and education. LEAF is comprised of a team of behaviorists such as Behavior Analysts, Positive Behavior Support Facilitators, Licensed Mental Health Professionals, and master’s leveled educators. Using person-centered practices, LEAF’s goal is to meet families where they are to reduce communication barriers disguised as challenging behaviors.

All LEAF behaviorists strive to provide each family and team with the tools that evolve along their journey. LEAF also focuses on supporting adolescents and adults who have intellectual, developmental or a mental health diagnosis. We are bridging the gap between home, school and the community.

LEAF Behavior Support is a member of the following associations:

  • The Better Business Bureau

  • Home and Community Positive Behavior Support Network

  • Tidewater Autism Society

  • The American Institute of Stress

  • American Sociological Association

  • National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)

It's The Leaf Difference

LEAF Behavior Support is the best option because the organization is a true behavior health organization. From onboarding professionals and families, LEAF administrators perform assessments to best recommend and pair professionals according to the concern listed.

We provide opportunities for growth. We provide opportunities for PBS-F Candidates to receive mentoring hours towards their certification. We mentor students actively enrolled in a PBSF program with the state and provides an opportunity for a contract upon earning their certification.

We do not turn anyone away because of what many consider to be “high behavior needs”. LEAF prides itself on being trained in crisis supports. The lead behaviorist and Executive Director sits on the Endorsement Board for Positive Behavior Support Facilitators and is very vocal on several committees about the lack of support and resources for those with more intense behavior support needs. All behavior professionals who join our team, must have the same level of commitment.

We encourage entrepreneurship and onboards all licensed and certified professionals as self-employed contractors.

We believe in empowering parents through accessibility to information. LEAF has an online social media group, “The Other Side of the Spectrum”, where parents and professionals come together in a space to discuss various things going on in the world. 


LEAF Behavior Support prides itself on maintaining a quality standard of care that includes quick response time for referrals, an open door policy to call or email and mini-assessments within referrals in order to determine the medical necessity and justification to reduce pending authorizations.

The impact of Leaf

 “Ms. Johnson is absolutely amazing!! I know you already know that, but I still wanted to share. What a treasure you have in her.”

Support Coordinator
Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Health


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